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Instution Choose the best answer.

1. When do they go to the sea?

    A.  Sunday
    B.  Monday
    C.  Tuesday
    D.  Wednesday
2. Who drive the car?
    A.  Mother
    B.  Farther
    C.  His sister
    D.  His brother
3. How is the day?

    A.  Hot
    B.  Cold
    C.  Wet
    D.  Fine

4. What color are the sky and the sea?

    A.  White
    B.  Red
    C.  Blue
    D.  Black

5. What do they do in the sand?

    A.  They make the dalls.
    B.  They make the holes.
    C.  Thay make the kites.
    D.  They make the flags.

6. What do they do in the sea?

    A.  They eat and sleep.
    B.  They run and swim.
    C.  They sing and swim.
    D.  They run and play.

7. How is the sea?่

    A.  Hot and cool.
    B.  Cool and sweet.
    C.  Hot and salt.
    D.  Nice and cool.

8. How are they?

    A.  They are happy.
    B.  They are sad.
    C.  They are tired.
    D.  They are hungry.

9. What time does farther want to go home?

    A.  5 o'clock.
    B.  4 o'clock.
    C.  3 o'clock.
    D.  2 o'clock.

10. Can they get into the car?ุ

    A.  No,they can't.
    B.  No,they can.
    C.  Yes,they can't.
    D.  Yes,they can.

By Miss Sirikran Chainitiwut
Chaichimpleewittayakom School. Bangkok.
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